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Smart Scapes LLC can supply and deliver a wide variety of dirt supplies to our clients.

  • Smart Scapes LLC can supply and deliver a wide variety of dirt supplies to our clients. 
  • Screened Dirt: $35 a yard plus delivery or $475 a tri axel load plus delivery 
  • Topsoil: $250 a tri-axle truck load plus delivery 
  • Fill dirt: (dirt, rock, and some roots) $175 a load plus delivery 
  • Sand: 1 Triaxle load (about 17.7 yards) $600.00 plus delivery 
  • Sand: 1/2 Triaxle load (about 8.8 yards) $300.00 plus delivery 
  • Delivery: Nashville $75 
  • Surrounding Nashville: $100 
  • Bobcat and Operator $70 per hour (4 hour minimum)

We service Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin, Mount Juliet, Hendersonville, Murfreesboro and neighboring cities in Tennessee.

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It is the policy of Smart Scapes LLC to guarantee delivery of materials to the curb only. It is the operators discretion to leave the curb. Once the truck has reached the delivery address and before the truck has left the curb, the delivery fee and half of the dirt cost is non-refundable.

We cannot be responsible for damage to driveways, sidewalks, outbuildings, parking lots, trees, or any other property after leaving the curb furthermore, the undersigned agrees to pay for any towing charges incurred after our truck leaves public roadways.

The undersigned acting as owner or agent for the owner understands this agreement and releases Smart Scapes LLC from any liability.

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Screened Dirt/Screened Top Soil

Screened Dirt/Screened Top Soil is topsoil ran through a screener to make it free from any particles 3/4 inch and over.  Having gone thru the sifting process the screened dirt is free from large particles such as rocks, trees, roots etc.

Screened Dirt is perfect for:

  • hand work planting
  • final grade work
  • planting flowers in beds
  • planting vegetable gardens
  • planting trees, bushes

Another benefit of using screened dirt is that the seeds have the best chance. When the soil is cluttered with debris, it can make it difficult for a little seed to send roots down and push a spout up and out.
Smart Scapes LLC uses the best topsoil; river bottom top soil, full of organic matter and nutrients.  Once screened, this topsoil is premium!

topsoil dirt screened dirt



moving large quantities of topsoil with a bobcatTopsoil is the upper, outermost layer of soil, usually the top 2 inches (5.1 cm) to 8 inches (20 cm). It has the highest concentration of organic matter and microorganisms and is where most of the Earth's biological soil activity occurs. Sounds pretty scientific huh? Well here are some other cool facts about topsoil:

  • It takes between 80-400 years to form one centimeter of top soil.
  • If you took five toms of topsoil and spread it over one acre.. it would only be as thick as a dime
  • There are soil scientists
  • Soil scientists have identified over 70,000 kinds of soil in the United States
  • Top soil breathes
  • Most topsoil purchased shows up in a big truck.
  • Smart Scapes LLC has a tri axle dump truck that delivers almost 20 yards when full. (This is typically 10-20% larger than other dirt delivery trucks that deliver less, so your made to buy more)

Some good uses for topsoil in your lawn are:

  • Your flower beds love topsoil! Why? Good topsoil allows water to drain easily while holding it in long enough for your plants roots to use it.
  • Topsoil allows the roots of your plants to breathe
  • Topsoil is fertile. Using topsoil for your vegetable garden beds is a must!
  • Topsoil is used to lay turf in your lawn
  • Topsoil can build up the ground around the foundation of your home to assist in drainage, routing that unwanted water elsewhere
  • Topsoil can be used to fill existing holes in your lawn
  • Topsoil is used to grade the yard, leveling it to perfection

Fill Dirt

Bobacat loading a truckFill dirt is earthy material which is used to fill in a depression or hole in the ground or create mounds or otherwise artificially change the grade or elevation of real property.

Fill dirt is usually subsoil (soil from beneath the top soil) and underlying soil parent material which has little soil organic matter or biological activity. Fill dirt is taken from a location where soil is being removed as a part of leveling an area for construction; it may also contain sand, stone, concrete pieces rocks, and stones, as well as earth.
Some good uses for fill dirt are:

  • To create landscaping waterfalls
  • To create landscaping water features
  • To create a mound
  • To fill holes
  • To make textures in landscaping; making for a more interesting eye catching landscape

Being subsoil left over from construction sites, fill dirt has little organic matter and nutrients so this is not recommended for gardens, planting, flower beds etc.

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